"The type of world you perceive depends largely upon the state of consciousness you are in. Different states not only perceive different worlds, they help co-create them. Change your consciousness and you change your world." ---Ken Wilbur

Unlock your mind.  Unleash your potential.  Explore your Inner Zones.

Welcome to The Inner. Zone  by Patty Ray Avalon  

With preparation and intent, we can journey into extra-ordinary realms of consciousness.  I believe we are heading for a time of liberating and empowering exploration of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. We will learn more and more about who we really are, what  we can do and how we can consciously evolve into our greater magnificence. It begins with the commitment to get serious about one's personal journey and let love lead the way.    

What people are saying about Patty's new course, EnergyBody...

"Exercising and understanding the energy body allows for healing self and others as well as strengthening intuition, psychic capacity, and manifestation." ~ Z.C.

"I  had an amazing OBE I had not had before.  Very well guided and the trainers are very well versed in their work." ~ M.P.

"Loved it!  EnergyBody provided me with the tools and techniques that allowed for an understanding of how my energy body works, and how to manage, change, and enhance it. " ~ L.S.