Hemi-Sync  Audio  Meditations  developed  by  Patty Ray Avalon

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Healing Journeys Support

Four verbally guided exercises with Hemi-Sync signals to help you: open and activate your chakras, clear and charge your energy body, open to your heart's deepest desires, and help yourself heal with non-physical helpers. CD's $24.95  Dwnlds: $18.71

Positively Ageless with Hemi-Sync

This series of 4 CDs  uses guided meditations, affirmations, creative visualizations, and other tools to help you rewrite the program of aging, allowing you to feel younger, healthier, stronger, and more at peace while enhancing the overall quality of your life. Cds $59.85 Dwnlds: $44.89 

Inner States--Dawning of Awareness

With these Hemi-Sync exercises you will explore methods to activate the power within yourself, achieve inner peace, remain centered and calm in times of uncertainty, and transcend limiting thought patterns, and expand your awareness well beyond the physical. CDs $59.85   Dwnlds: $44.89

The Creative Way with Hemi-Sync 
Reawaken your talents and creative abilities as you gain self awareness and expand your mind to live a more enriched, expanded and productive life. Includes: The Way of Hemi-Sync®, Affirming Your Creativity, Meeting the Muses, Meeting with Your Special Muse, Clearing the Channels, Shine, The Inner Creator, and H-Plus® Possibilities. Cds $47.88 Dwnlds: $35.91