at The Monroe  Institute   Oct. 7-13,  2017   register here

Combining ancient energy techniques with  state-of-the-art Hemi-Sync® technology, you will learn to activate and manage your personal energy.  You can experience extremely high levels of awareness, travel to expanded dimensions of reality, increase your personal power to manifest your heart's desire and begin to access your infinite potential.

You will experience:
• Meditations to increase light energy for awakening consciousness and raising vibrational levels
• Ways to activate and focus energy for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit
• Out-of-Body practice with guided meditations and energy-enhancing exercises
• Methods to enhance individual and group manifesting by working with the inner Hara or “Intention  Dimension.”

EnergyBody feedback from past participants:

"The Energy Body Course at TMI taught by Patty Ray Avalon is a holistic in-depth program combining the best of ancient teachings and modern techniques to unlock one's energetic potential .  With a focus on chakra balancing and attunement, participants practice techniques ranging from hara alignment, to color and sound therapy,  in order to increase their energetic capacity.  Exercising and understanding the energy body allows for healing self and others as well as strengthening intuition, psychic capacity, and manifestation. " --Z.C.

"Loved it! EnergyBody provided me with the tools and techniques that allowed for an understanding of how my energy body works, and how to manage, change, and enhance it. The real essence of the energy body shines thru and truly lights the way towards the higher self. Absolutely the best for my understanding of where I need to be." ~ L.S.


Patty's new online course developed with The Monroe Institute and Glidewing.

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Developing Intuition

"I had a wonderful time in this course, learned so much, and had an amazing OBE I had not had before.  Very well guided and the trainers are very well versed in their work." ~ M.P.

"It taught me to be more centered in my body and increase my vibrations at will." ~ I.C.

"This workshop was my introduction to Monroe’s work. Patty helped create a climate of warmth and openness that served our group. It was fun, surprising, loving and incorporated so much wisdom and knowledge. I loved it!” ~ P.V.

"Of all the sessions I have experienced at Monroe I can say the Energy Body was the most useful of all. While each residential experience has given me new information, exciting experiences and introduced me to others along this same journey, only Energy Body heightened my awareness of my own energy and showed me how to raise my vibration. Patty and Jean filled the between session time with group meditations, OM circles and other experiences which definitely helped keep our vibrations high all through the day. I look forward to my next energy body session in August" - Kitty K.